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(Stories from a Refuge)


There is no sterotypical victim of abuse.  Hope tells the stories of diverse individuals and their triumph in the face of adversity.


The stories are told through the eyes of Sue Barlow, manager of a womens' refuge.  She has learnt through experience that conventional  support systems and policing are not always enough to prevent a tragedy. 


This is brought home to her following a brutal attack on one of her recent residents. Sue joins forces with Jade, a young police sargeant, and Nina a reclusive Russian I.T. expert.


Together they track down and  tackle abusers.


They do not have to follow all the rules. Though their approach can be unconventional, these three strong women get results.


They understand that people don't want to be victims. They want justice.

                                USEFUL LINKS


              THIS IS ABUSE

              If you need help or more information about abuse in relationships  you can speak                 to someone from any of the organisations listed  below. All calls are treated                         confidentially.





              Freephone UK domestic violence helpline run by “REFUGE” for  women and                           children.









              For men and women.  Contains links to a national study about  intervention                         programmes nationally.





              Summary of research findings into domestic violence intervention  programmes.




              AGE UK FACTSHEET

              Safeguarding older people from abuse and neglect





             Supporting Recovery from Childhood Abuse


             link to GLOBAL listing via Mystic mag site


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